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Here’s the first offering off of Ciph Diggy (of Sleepwalkas) upcoming solo project Untitled Wave due out at the end of March.
The cut features Ciph’s partner in rhyme K. Gaines and M-Tri. I’m digging (no pun intended) the newness can’t wait to hear the rest of the project.



The Repositioning

We’ve been posting a few tracks from this project in the last few weeks. Today’s the release of the full project from the Aqua League  (hey that’s us!) on Ironhorse Music featuring a couple of New York’s greatest indie artists such as Sleepwalkas, Triboro, Prezzure, Niles, DougSimpson, Mojo from Dujeous, and Euphon just to name a few. 

Not a bad collection of good music at the recession proof rate. 

Download The Repositioning