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Seems like a bunch of folks have been waiting for this one since the single dropped and set the net a buzz.
Although I was looking forward to the new material I admittedly wasn’t digging the first “tester” single. Good thing the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint.


What’s going on folks?

Been away for sometime working on some new upcoming projects for the new year.
In the meantime there’s been quite a buzz from the announcement of the new Sade album Solider of Love due out 8 February 2010. Hopefully they true to the date. After a 10 year hiatus Mrs. Adu returns to her fans.
You can check out the first single at her official site.

Alright I’m not into spreading rumors or anything, but there’s a possibility that Sade will be releasing an album this year. I’ll keep looking into it some more, but if that’s the case I’m going to start my 2009 album fund now.