Reflection Eternal & Elzhi – 2 for 1 special

New videos from Reflection Eternal In This World off of their upcoming project Revolutions Per Minute and a super dope track Deep off of Elzhi’s Leftovers mixtape. We’ve received a few treats so far but it looks like this year is going to be full of good music releases.


Jynxx – Records, Tables, & Needles Vol. 2: Love Edition

Here’s a new instrumental project from Jynxx that I saw over at beats n crates. The project has a love theme to it overall a good project to vibe out to, not a bad look from Jynxx. I definitely need to find volume one.


Ciph Diggy – Unstoppable

Here’s the first offering off of Ciph Diggy (of Sleepwalkas) upcoming solo project Untitled Wave due out at the end of March.
The cut features Ciph’s partner in rhyme K. Gaines and M-Tri. I’m digging (no pun intended) the newness can’t wait to hear the rest of the project.


YC the Cynic – You’re Welcome

Here’s a new mixtape from YC the Cynic entitled You’re Welcome. We posted the first appetizer Superman not too long ago. He comes through with the full course meal. The mixtape features some of the risers in the New York indie scene such as OISD, Warren Britt, and Final Outlaw just to name a few. Obviously hip-hop is not dead and it’s refreshing to see that the future of it is looking promising as well.


Sade – Soldier of Love

Seems like a bunch of folks have been waiting for this one since the single dropped and set the net a buzz.
Although I was looking forward to the new material I admittedly wasn’t digging the first “tester” single. Good thing the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint.

Joe Budden feat. Royce da 5’9″ – 40/40

Some new material from Joe and Royce that has the internets abuzz of lately and rightfully so. A lot of rewinds on this one.


Oddisee – Odd Winter

Oddisee drops his third installment of his seasoned themes. This go round he has features with the likes of Homeboy Sandman and X.O. from Diamond District. 13 tracks of goodies for the season.


Independent Moves

Looks like the suits have their ears to the street or are paying someone to do so. Either way McDonald’s link up with Dollar Van Demos to run a campaign on their dollar menu using New York indie artists Joya Bravo and Wordspit. I haven’t seen the Wordspit commercial yet unless it’s the second that will run. However, the commercial with Joya Bravo has been aired last weekend during the NFL playoffs.

In addition to McDonald’s, Subway teamed up with MTV in doing a piece on Homeboy Sandman in their Fresh Buzz series.
You can check the video for Homeboy Sandman’s segment here.

Shouts to Dollar Van Demos. Congrats to Homeboy Sandman, Wordspit, and Joy Bravo. It seems like the streets are doing more then just watching.
____________________________________________________________________________________________ x Jett-I-Masstyr presents Megatron ReMastryd

We’re pretty cool with the folks over at and I saw this posted a day ago and decided to check this out out of curiosity. A few tracks in and I knew this was something pretty cool. I won’t give all the treats away but if you’re a fan of the Transformers and love hip-hop then this creative instrumental project is a good look for you.

Shouts to and Jett-I-Masstyr who’s out of Texas.


Late Night with The Roots

Pardon the tardiness on the posting of this but I wanted to listen to this before posting (yeah I know a little selfish)
With that said someone was ever so nice in recording the live musical guests that rocked with The Roots as the closing segments on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. Shout to TSS and Shake for doing the artwork.



O.I.S.D. – Leaders of the True School

We give you more good material from the new wave of talent in the NY indie scene. This time it’s from OISD (Operation Industry Shut Down).
The 5 man group of J. Monopoly, E.Y.E Q aka Johnny Storm, J.O., Khid2che, and Showtyme have been on their grind this year, and their hard work pays off with their debut EP, just in time for the holidays.

Download OISD – Leaders of the True School

YC the Cynic – Superman

New material from Bronx native YC the Cynic. If you haven’t seen dude perform yet please do yourself a favor and make that happen.

We got to see him rock at the Bondfire at the Bowery Poets Cafe, which is another monthly even that you need to put into your calendars, and at Crash Mansion. From those performances you can see why YC is becoming a crowd favorite in the bubbling indie scene in New York. This track is off of his upcoming mixtape entitled Your Welcome presented by Chaundon of the Justus League and is slated for a January release.

Download to find out why he’s just a regular guy with amazing feats.

Eternia – Get Caught up (mixtape)

The good folks over at 2Dopeboyz and Kevin Notthingham presents Get Caught Up the new mixtape from Eternia mixed by DJ Law.

Sounds like Eternia got wind that folks needed a full serving after checking in on the Road to Release series she was running with Moss earlier this year. She comes though with some material to hold you over until the release of that project. Except for Foul Child, there’s an offering of recorded material from her catalog compiled over the last decade that she’s chosen to share.

If you’re new to her material or have tuned in sort of late you have your opportunity to literally Get Caught Up! Christmas may have actually come early for some of us.

Tracklisting along with some insight to the tracks below.



Apple Juice Kid – Louis Armstrong Remixed

Apple Juice Kid drops another gem on us this time putting his twist on some of Louis Armstrong’s works.

If you haven’t checked out the Miles Davis Remixed project, I suggest you get familiar, both are worthy of multiple listens.

Download Louis Armstrong Remixed


New album from Sade

What’s going on folks?

Been away for sometime working on some new upcoming projects for the new year.
In the meantime there’s been quite a buzz from the announcement of the new Sade album Solider of Love due out 8 February 2010. Hopefully they true to the date. After a 10 year hiatus Mrs. Adu returns to her fans.
You can check out the first single at her official site.


Eternia & MoSS Road to Release episode #12

In the latest episode of the R2R series, Eternia heads out to the Midwest for the B-Girl Be festival. Shoots the breeze with Evidence (Dilated Peoples) and DJ Chela. Check the footage of Chesney’s mom and the rifle. I love how she’s cocking the gun and pulling the trigger to check to see if it’s loaded.


Pioneer DJ Mr. Magic passes away

This seems to be a pretty tough year for celebs.
No too long ago we lost Roc Raida and yesterday we lost Mr. Magic. If you aren’t aware of who he was, he played a vital role in the door opening to hip-hop on the radio in the 80’s with his show Rap Attack. It also spawned a couple of projects under the same name.

Our condolences goes out to his family.
RIP Mr. Magic

K-Salaam & Beatnick presents Never Can Say Goodbye

What’s going on,
Been a hectic couple of days. Got to invited to speak at the 8th Annual Dynamic Producer’s conference regarding “Thinking Out of the Box”. Got to meet some some cool new people and network.

With that said, here’s a homage, an ode, and appreciation from producers K-Salaam and Beatnik entitled Never Can Say Goodbye. It’s a compilation of remixes to tracks from Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.
A pretty dope project and the fact that it’s free makes it even better!



Eternia & MoSS – Road To Release Episode #11

The latest installment of the Eternia and MoSS’s RTR series. I have to say being in attendance of the show the footage came from, it’s a little strange to still hear that people think the female emcee or femcees are non existent. When they’re clearly alive and making good music. The line up was crazy with Eternia, Jean Grae, Kallae Allday, Nemiss, True Daley, and it was hosted by MC Lyte.
With the internet being an instrumental in getting stuff out to people these days you may want to do a little digging you seriously would be happy that you did.


Aaliyah Revisited

Again just trying to catch folks up on some of the music I got to check out recently.
This one is courtesy of the good folks at Soulculture paying homage to the anniversary and passing of Aaliyah. I’m partial to the track with Marsha, but check it out for yourself and pick your own favorite.


Camp Lo feat. Ski – Another Heist

What’s going on people, I know I’ve been a little behind with the posts. By now we all know about the two heavyweight albums from Raekwon and Jay-Z, leak day, and the pushing up of BP3 to compete with OB4CLII etc. Either way go out and support the albums.

Just to bring you up to speed on things here’s some new material from Camp Lo feat Ski. From my understanding it’s the title track of the upcoming album produced entirely by Ski. Does this mean we’re going to get another Uptown Saturday Night?

Don’t know but I’m digging this one right here.



Raekwon Cuban Revolution Mixtape

In preparation of Only Built For Cuban Linx II which drops September 8th, Raekwon drops off a new mixtape, Cuban Revolution. I’m digging the artwork for this, don’t really know why but I am.

Peep the tracklisting after the jump, shouts to Rap Radar and Alex from Killer Beez Promo

Download here


1. Cuban Revolution Intro
2. All That Money Is Us
3. Run Away (ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & GZA)
4. Better Shoot Something
5. Cipher Born (ft. Ghostface Killah & U-God)
6. Get Your Shit Beat In (ft. Polite, Chip Banks, Ghostface Killah & Trife Diesel)
7. Slang Copulation (ft. Nas, Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)
8 .Curiosity
9. Iron Chef (ft. Ghostface Killah, Polite & Inspectah Deck)
10. A Wise Man
11. Cuban Revolution Interlude
12. We Gettin’ Knots (ft. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Big Pun)
13. Fearless Ninjas (ft. Ghostface Killah)
14. The All-Time Lineup (ft. American CREAM Team, Inspectah Deck & Method Man)
15. Live Kid (ft. Notorious BIG & Ghostface Killah)


True Hip-Hop Stories: Big Daddy Kane

Here’s the latest in DJ D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories. This one features Big Daddy Kane and how Ain’t No Half Steppin came about.

Also there’s some footage of the live show Kane recently did at the Bandshell in Prospect Park Brooklyn.


Eternia & MoSS – Road To Release Episode #10

Here’s the latest episode in the RTR series. This go round, Eternia introduces the members of her band and beatbox extraordinaire Chesney Snow (What’s up Chez!). Peep the encore footage with Maya Azucena and guest features from PH (formally known as Pumpkinhead) and Steele from Smif-N-Wessun.


Eternia & Moss – Road to Release Episode #9

In this episode of the RTR series Eternia spent time with the youth group P.R.Y. (Project Reach Youth) based in Bed-Sty (Bedford-Stuyvesant for the those that don’t know) Brooklyn to help spread the message on safer sex.


Original member of Slum Village Baatin passes away

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just read that Baatin (pictured on the right), one of the original members of Slum Village has passed away at the young age of 35. There’s no reports of the cause of death at the moment. I don’t know about you, but between Michael Jackson and now this, it’s becoming a tough summer to deal with.


Prezzure – Good Album On A Bad Day

Prezzure Promo pic
New track from Prezzure commenting on the promotional efforts and what happens when you push out a project when one of the biggest pop stars in our lifetime passes away.

Keep grinding man, positive efforts brings positive results


DJ Honda feat. Mos Def – Magnetic Arts

New single off DJ Honda’s new project entitled IV scheduled for release on 5 August.


Eternia & MoSS – Road to Release Episode #7

Earlier this week Eternia sent through the latest installment of her Road ot Release series. This time covering a recent trip to Mexico City with features from Mexican emcee Bocafloja. Peep the line of people that lined up to see them at 2pm. Talk about dedication!


Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Chessboxing (Lego version)

Saw this online the other day and had to post. I thought the Lego remix of album covers was clever, but this is on an entirely different level.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Wu-Tang Da Mystery of Chessboxing (Le…“, posted with vodpod


Nero – Alive & Vibrant: Relieve The Moment

New mixtape from Nero going in on some classic 90’s hip-hop. I saw dude rock over OutKast’s E.T. (Extraterrestrial) intro last summer. It seemed pretty weird but in a good way (being that there was no drum track) and he got busy for real. So a year later he’s continuing with his audio journey.

Check the tracklisting and download link:

1. Rugged & Raw
2. I Get Lyrical
3. Buck ‘Em Down
4. Lots Of Lovin’ (Ft. TreaZon & J. Rocwell)
5. Alive & Vibrant
6. Legends Pt. 2 (Ft. Harlem’s Cash)
7. Feeling Good
8. Flava In Ya Ear [NBA Jam Edition] (Ft. Truck North, Chip Tha Ripper,The Kid Daytona & El Prez)
9. Swangin’ & Bangin’
10. Can’t Wait
11. T.R.O.Y.
12. Funkorama

Pac Div – Church league Champions

I got this a couple of days ago and wanted to fully listen to this before posting. Man I should have did this earlier. Not a bad listen from the dudes from the left coast. I should have known better when they had the best submission in this year’s version for Smirnoff mix series.

Download: Pac Div’s Church League Champions


The Roots – How I Got Over

New studio version of the track they performed live on Jimmy Fallon not too long ago. OKP says that it’s the new single off of the upcoming album under the same name scheduled for release on 29 September. All jokes aside, there’s a good amount of “dead” hip-hop that’s been released or about to be released. I think Nas seriously invigorated a bunch of people. The hip-hop fan in me thanks you Mr. Jones.



Poison Pen – BK’s Fat Boy

New music off of Poison Pen’s upcoming project The Money Shot. We got to see Pen perform this live at EOW not too long ago and now we have the video to go along with it as well.

PH – That’s that Sh!t

New video from PH formally known as Pumpkinhead off of his My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed) mixtape. The mixtape ain’t a bad listen there’s a couple of tracks on there I digs. Watch the vide and download the mixtape courtesy of 2DBz and MCMI.

Download PH – My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed)

Eternia & MoSS – Road to Release Episode #6

Here’s the 2nd in the 2 for 1 offering from Eternia & MoSS video series. This go round there’s some background info with 88-Keys and track that featured Kanye West and free hugs and tears from Robert in Queens. Also Skyzoo with co-sign on the skills. Shouts to Kyle and DJ Sav One as well, we still owe all of you a BBQ!


Eternia & MoSS – Road to Release Episode #5

What it is sorry about the lag in updates been working on some projects that needed to be in this week.
With that said we have a 2 for 1 in the Road to Release series from Eternia & MoSS. In this episode E gives a little background between her, Torae, and Marco Polo. Somewhat on the 6 degrees of separation vibe.
She also addresses the leaks or lack of from the project as the anticipation keeps building…

New Maxwell Album this Tuesday

The first installment of the 3-CD set is scheduled for release on Tuesday July 7th. Not much really to say about this one….but I got 10 on it though.


Marsha Ambrosius – Heartbreaker

New material from Miss Marsha that I saw over at TSS. It should be off of her upcoming mixtape Yours Truly Revisted. Not a bad listen if I must say so myself. Looks like the beginnings of another solid collection of songs from her.



Eternia & MoSS – Road to Release Episode #4

Eternia drops off the latest episode of her road to release series. This time broadcasting from her recent Lyricist Lounge peformance where she got busy and earned  an encore for doing so.  I know we were there, don’t believe me watch the video for yourself…


The Roots & Erykah Badu – Tribute to Michael Jackson

Amongst the many many tributes and remixes that have surface for the passing of Michael Jackson, I got to check this one out that was posted on OKP earlier. Apologies for not finding a better image, but it was rumored that they would perform a tribute to MJ on the Jimmy Fallon show on Friday. After I setting my DVR, I come to find out that these weren’t aired (big fail on NBC’s part) but they instead did shorts for the audience during commercial breaks and such. Thankfully these were recorded and we can enjoy them.

Download:  The Roots and Erykah Badu –  I Wanna Be Where You Are |  Billie Jean

No Mike say it aint’ so…

Wow… I’m still shocked by the news. We all know the starting and end points to the cycle of life. But for some odd reason there’s some people in which you truly believe are anomalies to that cycle. Your parents or grandparents for example, you would think those folks would live forever or out live you. I don’t want to get or touchy and feely about it, because I didn’t know the dude personally but he damn sure touched me personally. Even though it was through music it still had an impact on me. For that I genuinely say thank you!

So for just once can we forget the thoughts we had about him for the whole cosmetic altering appearance thing and the other issues he had and just remember him during the good times.

Thanks again, RIP Michael Jackson….


Jay-Z – DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)

Here’s the new single from Jay’s upcoming Blueprint 3 project. As of now BP3 is expected on 9/11 but we’ll see if that holds true as the date gets closer. Shouts to every blogger that posted this as it’s got to be on just about every up to date hip-hop blog by now. Dude shut down Twitter last night and although I missed the premier when it hit the radio, I’m pretty sure he had that airwaves on smash as well.  I believe there will be anarchy against auto tune in the near future.



Oddisee – Odd Summer

What’s the goings ons peoples?

I saw this on a couple of sites mainly put me on after checking this out, I had to put this up. It’s a new mainly instrumental project from Oddisee entitled Odd Summer. I have to admit I have heard of Oddisee before but not too much of his material. However this is a great entry point to dude and his material. I’m kinda partial to Chocolate City Dreaming, but you can choose your favorite on your own.

Download Odd Summer


Amerie – Why R U

New material from Amerie looks to be the first single from her project due out on her new label Def Jam. Good to hear her back in the industry. Shouts to Hip-Hop Update.



Prezzure feat. Niles – Go In

prezzniles 2

Wow we get two tracks from the homie Prezzure this week. This one is his second single from his upcoming project CanYaFeeliT??? Tag-teaming on the UFO sample is Niles. Umm…yeah the title really explains how they handled the track. Also be on the lookout for Niles as he readies his new mixtape When The Clock Strikes XII due out really soon.

Rumor has it that there will be some extra treats on The Repositioning due out on May 26 as well. I can’t let it all out of the bag, but there will be some iced oatmeal, lemon, and warm soft batched chocolate chip treats on the project for you all to enjoy.

Download Prezzure feat. Niles – Go In


Questlove – The Lesson Mix on BBC Radio 1

I spotted this over at Kevin Notthingham, I’ve been listening to this non-stop since I downloaded it. Granted it’s one long file, but it’s well worth the listen, as Quest blends some original recipes together for a little over 45 minutes.
Shouts to Maciej Hajnrich on the graphic as well.


Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Arc Choir – “Jesus Walks” (Mapleshade) (Kanye West – “Jesus Walks” (Roc-A-Fella))
2. Nu Birth – “You’re What I’m All About” (?) (Biggie Smalls – “Player Anthem (X-Ray))
3. The Whatnaughts – “I’ll Erase Away Your Pain” (Priority) (Kanye West – “Late” (Roc-A-Fella))
4. Main Ingredient – “Let Me Prove My Love To You” (RCA) (Alicia Keys – “You Don’t Know My Name” (J Records))
5. Silvia Striplin – “You Can’t Turn Me Away” (Charly) (Junior M.A.F.I.A. – “Get Money” (X-Ray))
6. The Temptations – “I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky” (Motown) (Common – “The Corner” (Geffen))
7. Honey Cone – “Innocent Till Proven Guilty” (Fantasy) (Common – “Testify” (Geffen))
8. DJ Rogers – “Faithful To The End” (RCA) (Common – “Faithful” (Geffen))
9. Luchi DeJesus – “Round About Midnight” (?) (KRS ONE – “A Friend” (Jive))
10. Dynasty – “Adventures In The World Of Music” (Solar/Sequal) (Camp-Lo – “Luchini” (Profile))
11. Willie Mitchell – “Grovin’” (Hi) (GZA – “Liquid Swords” (Geffen))
12. Wendy Renay – “After The Laughter Come Tears” (Stax/Altanta) (Wu Tang Clan – “Tearz” (Loud))
13. The Charmels – “I’ll Never Grow Old” (Stax/Altanta) (Wu Tang Clan – “Cream” (RCA))
14. Dione Warwick – “You’re Gonna Need Me” (Invictions) (Usher – “Throwback” (Arista))
15. Billy Cobham – “Heather” (Wounded Bird) (Souls of Mischief – “93 Till Infinity” (Jive))
16. Beherd Wright – “Halboglabotribin’” (BMG) (Snoop Dogg – “Gz & Hustlaz” (Death Row))
17. Jack Bruce – “Born 2 Be Blue” (Atco) (Smith N Wesssun – “Buck Town” (?))
18. Aretha Franklin – “Call Me” (Rhino/Atlanta) (Slum Village – “Selfish” (Capitol))
19. Quincy Jones – “Summer In The City” (A&M) (Pharcyde – “Passin Me By” (Delicious Vinyl))
20. Joe Simons – “Before The Nite’s Over” (?) (Outkast – “So Fresh & So Clean” (Arista))
21. Peabo Bryson – “Born 2 Love” (Unknown) (Nas – “2nd Childhood” (Sony))
22. The Chi-Lites – “That’s How Long I Love You” (Unknown) (Jay Z – “Dec 4″ (Roc-A-Fella))
23. Abdel Halim-Hefes – “Khasiaraya-Gar” (EMI Arabia) (Jay Z – “Big Pimpin’” (Roc-A-Fella))
24. Labi Siffre – “I Got The” (Mr Bongo) (Eminem – “My Name Is” (Aftermath)/Jay Z – “The Streets Is Watching” (Roc-A-Fella))
25. Samuel Johnson – “My Music” (Columbia) (Jadakiss – “We’re Gonna Make It” (Ruff Ryders/Interscope))
26. Milt Jackson – “Olinga” (CTI) (Tribe Called Quest – “Award Tour” (Jive))
27. War – “Magic Mountain” (Rhino) (De La Soul – “Potholes In My Lawn” (Tommy Boy))
28. Ahmad Jamal – “Swahililand” (20th Century) (De La Soul – “Stakes Is High” (Tommy Boy))
39. Gap Mangione – “Diana In The Autumn Wind” (GRC) (Slum Village – “Fall In Love” (Capitol)/Jaylib – “Official” (Stones Throw))
40. David McCallum – “The Edge” (Capitol) (Dr Dre – “Next Episode” (Aftermath))
41. Creative Source – “I Can’t See Myself Without You” (Sussex/Polydor) (Freeway – “What We Do” (Unknown))
42. Average White Band – “Love Your Life” (Rhino) (Tribe Called Quest – “Check The Rhyme” (Jive))
43. Funkadelic – “Let’s Take It To The People” (Westbound) (Tribe Called Quest – “Everything Is Fair” (Jive))
44. Ronnie Foster – “Mystic Brew” (Blue Note) (Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation” (Jive))
45. The Chi-Lites – “Are You My Woman?” (Brunswick/Eugene) (Beyonce – “Crazy In Love” (Columbia))
46. The Meters – “Oh Calcutta!” (Josie) (Amerie – “One Thing” (Sony))
47. McCoy Tyner – “Impressions” (Milestone/OJC) (Black Sheep – “The Choice Is Yours” (Mercury))
49. Nirvana – “Indiana” (White) (The Roots – “Dynamite” (Geffen))


Nicolay – Nautilus (Tribute to Bob James)

This is dedicated to all of the Foreign Exchange and Bob James fans out there. Just a short sidebar, if you don’t know anything about Bob James’ Nautilus you really haven’t been listening to hip-hop that long. It’s one of the the most sampled songs in hip-hop history, so I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it before and never knew the title of the song….Alright even if you STILL don’t know what it is, just pretend like you do for now.

Back to business after reading on his site, turns out that Nicolay was approached by the folks who were putting together a project called Sampling Bob James: The Nautilus Project in which DJ’s and producers would present their take on the song. So instead of sampling the song he re-created the track from scratch and added his twist to the song.



Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness (remix)

New track from Heltah Skeltah, actually it’s a remix of the original from Coalmine Records’ The Foundation which was released earlier this year. If you’re diggin’ the remix check the original along with the rest of the tracks from The Foundation via iTunes.

In the meantime enjoy the remix produced by M-Phazes with Dj Revolution on the zigga-ziggas.


Mos Def – Casa Bey video

New video for Mos Def’s single Casa Bey off of his upcoming project The Ecstatic. The song was floating around for a few but we get the video to go along with things which isn’t a bad look. The new project is scheduled for release on 9 June.


Prezzure – Wow


Here’s a new treat from the upcoming project, The Repositioning, scheduled for release on 26 May featuring Queens emcee Prezzure. We kind of sort of leaked this to a couple of folks already (honestly just a few) and the response has been very positive, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide. You can catch up to Prezzure online via his site or on Twitter. Dude’s Twitter game is crazy, I saw him posting at EOW on stage during the MC Team Challenge! That’s dedication to the grind right there.

Download Wow (Take A Look At Me Now)

I just realized the subtitle is longer than the title!


Joell Ortiz Covers the Classics mixtape

Man this is just a fresh concept, the imaging is really good for this one. I hope the mixtape lives up to the covers, we’ll have to wait until Tuesday when it drops officially to find out though. The mixtape is available now, so now there’s some audio to go with the conceptual art that was posted a couple of days ago.

Download Covers the Classics


Busta Rhymes feat. Mary J. Blige, John Legend & Common – Decision

Busta drops a pretty good treat for us to snack on right before B.O.M.B. drops. I’m digging this one, I’m also looking forward to his project as well. I still want to hear more of it before copping, but so far he’s got my $7.50 of $15 needed for the full length.



Slum Village feat. Marsha Ambrosious – Cloud 9

I actually had this for a couple of days, been in motion between the desktop and laptop. I’m not sure what project this song is attached to but it’s a good listen with Miss Marsha on the hook.



Raekwon Blood on Chef’s Apron

Yet some more hold overs until the the full project drops, this time from Raekwon teaming up with DJ Absolute.
Rae’s been putting out some good material as of late, I’m looking forward to Built for Cuban Linx II.
I guess we’ll take these appetizers for now. It’s much better than posting the nudies of Cassie. What the heck is on her mind anyways. She’s definitely gone out on the deep end, but that’s just my two cents.

Download Blood on Chef’s Apron


Red & Meth – Lights Out (mixtape)

Red & Meth team up with DJ Green Lantern to offer some treats before Blackout 2 drops.

Shouts to both illroots and 2 DBZ. May 19 will see the release of new projects from Fat Joe, Busta, and Eminem looks like it will be a good day.

Download Lights Out


The Sistah new single – 1ne

One Layouts

This is the second single from Ironhorse Music Group singer/songwriter The Sistah from her project due out later this year. Not a bad follow up to her single Brooklyn Was Beautiful. If you haven’t heard that get familiar man, I also hear that there’s a remix in the works with a surprise guest as well stay tuned for that.

In the meantime check out the new treats.

Download The Sistah – 1ne

Sade to release a new album this year?

Alright I’m not into spreading rumors or anything, but there’s a possibility that Sade will be releasing an album this year. I’ll keep looking into it some more, but if that’s the case I’m going to start my 2009 album fund now.


Maxwell – Pretty Wings video

New video from Maxwell from his upcoming Black Summer’s Night. It’s been a good while since we heard from Maxwell, I’m looking forward to seeing what he has on deck with this new project. Looks like we’re going to be in for a bunch of treats this summer music wise. I just hope that the weather is friendly enough to enjoy everything.


Busta Rhymes feat. Lil Fame – The Game Room

Here’s another track from Busta feat. Lil Fame of MOP that I spotted over at 2DBZ. Seems like Primo wasn’t the only one diggin’ MOP as this is the second recent offering I’ve heard from a Busta and MOP teaming. I’m not sure if this track will be on Busta’s B.O.M.B. project, but if it is there’s a couple of good candidates for his campaign floating around.



Camp Lo – Get em Lo Gang

New material from Camp Lo produced by Ski & The Apple Juice Kid. It’s good to hear the Camp Lo working with Ski again. I’m not sure if this on a project or not but it still a good listen though.



KRS-One & Buckshot – Robot

New music from KRS-One & Buckshot from their new collaborative album tentatively entitled Conflosation. The project is still in the early stages but they slipped us a treat from the moment.



New Busta Rhymes

Just trying to catch up on things been under the weather. Here’s some new material from Busta Rhymes. The first track is featuring Raekwon called Death Wish. The Second track is MOP feat Busta Rhymes called Brooklyn.



Elzhi – Deep

Here’s another track from Elzhi produced by Black Milk. Both of these dudes have the indie scene on serious buzz. Rumor has it that this track is to be on Elzhi’s upcoming project entitled The Feed. I’m also waiting for the Elmatic project as well, but in the meantime enjoy the treats.

Shouts to Kevin Nottingham on the original post.



New video from Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhart – Ropes

Alright before I start this one off, I first saw Invincible rocking at Southpaw in Brooklyn last summer. I have never of heard of her beforehand (I know shame on me), but through a good friend that was hosting that night (what’s up E!). I got to see her rock at her album release along with the Anomolies all female crew and a host of others. Not only was I was impressed but homegirl’s breath control was crazy! I’ve only seen Black Thought of The Roots with that much breathe control.

From my count this is the 3rd video from her Shapeshifters project. So if you’ve never heard of Invincible here’s a somewhat formal introduction. If you’re digging the tunes go out and support



D-Nice True Hip-Hop Stories: Special Ed

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The latest video short from D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories featuring Special Ed. I had to check out the Rick Ross song to see where the influence was, but good to know that there’s a possible remix coming. Nice to see new dudes give love to the pioneers of the game.


New Music from Euphon feat. Sleepwalkas – Sleeper Cell

Layout 1

Here’s the first single, Sleeper Cell by Euphon feat. Sleepwalkas off the upcoming collaborative project The Repositioning due out in May produced by the Aqua League. Be on the look out for this project as there’ll be more music from the project before the official release.

Download Sleeper Cell


Ayah – new video for Believe

Alright I’m a bit late on this one mainly because I wanted to listen to her mixtape before I posted anything about it.

I’m glad I’m did in which I can properly say that Ayah gets my vote, co-sign, yay, thumbs up whatever you relate to which motivates you to listen to a new artist that you’ve haven’t heard before. Hailing from the T-dot (Toronto), the singer/songwriter previously shared her mixtape <em>Problem Woman,</em> based of off the soundtrack to<em> Trouble Man</em> by Marvin Gaye, which is one of my favorites albums. She’s currently gearing up for the release of her new project<em> 4:15 </em>which will be released this upcoming Wednesday 15 April.

Check out the video for <em>Believe</em> and be sure to pick the new treats when they drop.

In meantime download the mixtape <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Problem Woman</a>


Maxwell announces new album

We’re going to start the week off with a little bit of R&B news. First up is the announcement from Maxwell himself via Twitter for a new project entitled Black Summer’s Night due out 7 July. A while back I heard that he was going to release 3 albums within a year, it just was never stated which year though. I’m not sure if those are still the plans or not. Hopefully there’s no industry poli-tricks and we’ll get it that date or close to it.

Elzhi – The World Is Yours [snippet]

New snippet from Elzhi’s tribute/cover project Elmatic. So far he’s leaked Genesis and The World Is Yours. I hear that he’ll team up with Royce da 5’9″ for Life’s A B!tch. Judging from the leaks the project should be solid and well worth the listen. Shouts to HHDX for posting earlier.

Listen to The World Is Yours snippet


The Sistah – Brooklyn Was Beautiful

BWB Layout

Here’s the new debut single from The Sistah produced by The Aqua League. After providing background vocals and singing hooks for fellow Ironhorse Music artists Euphon and DougSimpson, The Sistah is ready to step into the spotlight on her own. What a way to do so, look out for more material and a yet to be titled project from The Sistah later in the year.

Download: Brooklyn Was Beautiful


DougSimpson feat. Slim – Big City


Here’s the first single from producer/artist and Aqua League member Doug Simpson off the upcoming EP Sketches. The song has been featured on the current season of MTV’s Real World: Brooklyn and comedian Owen Smith’s Anonymous DVD.

Download Big City


Nice & Smooth + Pac Div = Funky For You ’09’

Nice & Smooth

Pacific Division

The folks over at Smirnoff are at again with their mixtape series. So far they’ve teamed Marsha Ambrosius & Nas to remake If I Ruled The World. The latest remake has Pacific Division (Pac Div) and Nice & Smooth reworking Funky For You.

The next remake will be Kardinal Offishall & Buckshot to remaking I Got Cha Opin. I anxious to hear that one.

In the meantime enjoy Pac Div and Nice & Smooth Funky For You ’09


Red + Meth = Blackout II

We’re a little late on the news with this one, but have made up for it by giving you the recently leaked track from Redman & Method Man feat. UGK. Apparently Red & Meth are at work for the sequel to Blackout and are slated to release the project, I’m going to say this year. I heard various dates plus with rule #4080 you don’t know exactly when, but it will be this year. Hovering around Spring/Summer. In the meantime enjoy the leak.

Download: Red & Meth feat. UGK – City Lights

New Mos Def album this summer

With the video trailer for Words, Mos Def is prepping a summer release for his fourth album The Ecstatic.

The project is scheduled for release on June 9 via Downtown Records which will also be the 10 year anniversary of his solo album Black on Both sides. Hopefully there’s no rule #4080 in effect and we get the project on time. Mos also posted two tracks Life In Marvelous Times and Quite Dog Bite Hard from the project on his Myspace page as well.

Check the video trailer after the jump: Mos Def word video trailer


Jazzy Jeff – My Faves Vol. 1

Now I know I’m a bit late with the post on this one mainly because I wanted to listen to the tracks before I said anything about it.
Not that I’m prejudging the music, but of what I thought it was. Knowing that Jeff does parties and such I thought that it was just a playlist of tracks that he enjoyed and wanted to share with folks. Wrong, wrong, wrong so wrong.

In actuality it’s a mixtape and a good one at that, with his faves remixed.
So my bad for getting this up about a week and a half late, check out and enjoy the download link is below.

Download Jazzy Jeff – My Faves vol. 1


I saw the video for this over at 2 Dope Boyz and had to wait for the link to be up so I can share you guys. But here’s a dope video for a dope song from Tanya Morgan’s DonWill off of his album Don Cusack in Hifidelity coming soon.


Not a bad campaign by the homie Pack FM. I would have to agree about the rapper thing.
Check out the vid to see more for yourself, and you too will know why.


New vid from Prezzure off his Penny 4 My Thoughtz, Dollar 4 My Dreamz album which is out now. Sorry for not getting this up earlier my dude.


Last Saturday we had the pleasure of attending the video premier of Dujeous’ video for Break Bread. The vibe was pretty fresh especially with Evil Dee spinning. Not to sound biased or anything, but we’ve personally known these cats for some time so it’s great to see the evolution to where they are now. The video launching earlier today, has the dinner at Big Momma’s house meets house party vibe. Good to see some of their family members in the video as well supporting the cause.

Break Bread b/w Research singles are available now on iTunes


This is the second homage track from Focus, to one my favorite producers. The first homage was done in honor of Primo, yes he too is Aqua League favorite.

This go round Focus teams up with Big Pooh, Sha Stimuli & Kurupt to pay respect to the Chocolate Boy Wonder.

Yeah enjoy the treats shouts to Illroots

Homage to Pete Rock.



A couple of days ago we gave you the track listing along with a free track from the Velvet Gentleman project. Today you can get the full version of the project for free. We actually could have given you a peek at the cover artwork as well, but ehh we figured ahh just wait and get everything at once.

So with that said we present to you The Velvet Gentleman Soundtrack from 5pm-9am.

Shout out to Kevin Notttingham for some early love for the project

Download you free copy here


Word on the street is that Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are hard at work on a new project (yea!).

Besides that we have a treat for you, not sure if it will be on the album or not, but it’s good to hear them again. Plus there’s a guest appearance from Bootsy Collins.

ANNNNNNDDD if that’s not enough for you…

They’ll be performing at the Blue Note 10-11 March. Two shows a night at that.

More after the jump: Reflection Eternal live @ The Blue Note

Internet Connection ft. Bootsy Collins


The Velvet Gentleman project is your soundtrack from 5pm – 9am.

Produced by DougSimpson and Slim of Euphon better known as the Aqua League..hey that’s us!

Okay the shameless plug is over. For more information check out the latest press release for the project. In the meantime here’s the track listing and a link to download the first track off the project as well.

The Velvet Gentleman:
1. 5 To 9
2. The Velvet Gentleman
3. Interlude
4. Lust Hour
5. VIP
6. On The Rocks
7. Miami Nights
8. Playa’s Waltz
9. Theme for Alice
10. FDR North
11. 5 To 9 Reprise
12. The Seduction
13. Camomille
14. Brighter

More about the Velvet Gentleman


What it is?

I was in the blogosphere and I saw a link to this and wanted to share. Granted there were a lot of tributes to Dilla’s passing last week, but this one seemed to be pretty fitting. During a tribute entitled “Suite For Ma Duke” there was a 40-piece orchestra that played Jay Dee’s music for the evening.