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Here’s a new instrumental project from Jynxx that I saw over at beats n crates. The project has a love theme to it overall a good project to vibe out to, not a bad look from Jynxx. I definitely need to find volume one.



First was the earthquake that shook up Haiti. Our prayers go out the people that lost loved ones and to those that are still trying contact and locate any that are still missing. Besides Wyclef’s Yele Organization there a couple of ways folks can donate or contribute to the aid of the folks there. A good friend of ours, Tasty Keish, has put together a listing of such options you can check those options out on her blogsite

The next that happened during the week was the passing of R&B great Teddy Pendergrass. I know it’s in the shadows of the Haitian earthquake so it hasn’t gotten too much press, but it seems like this list of entertainers we’re loosing has been growing especially in the last year. Our condolences go out to his family RIP Teddy Pendergrass.

Check out the new trailers for Ironman 2 and Clash of the Titans.
I’m not completely sold on Ironman 2 but Clash of the Titans looks pretty promising.

Here’s another track from Busta feat. Lil Fame of MOP that I spotted over at 2DBZ. Seems like Primo wasn’t the only one diggin’ MOP as this is the second recent offering I’ve heard from a Busta and MOP teaming. I’m not sure if this track will be on Busta’s B.O.M.B. project, but if it is there’s a couple of good candidates for his campaign floating around.


I was looking at the NCAA tourney over the weekend and saw this ad for T. Rowe Price.  Which has some pretty cool artwork by JWT New York. Just wanted to share, let us know what you think.

I can’t explain this one. I’m not trying to get on the gospel or anything, but this has to be one of weirdest ways I’ve seen to spread the word.

Peace to Fresh Aire for the look out.

What it is?

Since I got the hang of this WordPress thing I figured to go ahead and put up a real post. I had to deal with the learning curve so I can play within the rules of the provided templates. Which I have decent sized grip about, but that’s something I can go into on another post.

Now that the prelims are out of the way, let me officially welcome you!

We set this up because we figured to set up a central place where folks can come and see what’s going on in relation to music and other lifestyle things. Besides it’s was getting bad hearing “why didn’t you tell me about this”, or I didn’t know that this was going on”.

So be sure to check things out and check back often. We about to go in!