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New videos from Reflection Eternal In This World off of their upcoming project Revolutions Per Minute and a super dope track Deep off of Elzhi’s Leftovers mixtape. We’ve received a few treats so far but it looks like this year is going to be full of good music releases.


Looks like the suits have their ears to the street or are paying someone to do so. Either way McDonald’s link up with Dollar Van Demos to run a campaign on their dollar menu using New York indie artists Joya Bravo and Wordspit. I haven’t seen the Wordspit commercial yet unless it’s the second that will run. However, the commercial with Joya Bravo has been aired last weekend during the NFL playoffs.

In addition to McDonald’s, Subway teamed up with MTV in doing a piece on Homeboy Sandman in their Fresh Buzz series.
You can check the video for Homeboy Sandman’s segment here.

Shouts to Dollar Van Demos. Congrats to Homeboy Sandman, Wordspit, and Joy Bravo. It seems like the streets are doing more then just watching.

New teaser trailer of the Toy Story 3. I don’t know about you but if you look at the ratio of good animated movies vs. the ones with people in them the animated movies are winning in a landslide.

In the latest episode of the R2R series, Eternia heads out to the Midwest for the B-Girl Be festival. Shoots the breeze with Evidence (Dilated Peoples) and DJ Chela. Check the footage of Chesney’s mom and the rifle. I love how she’s cocking the gun and pulling the trigger to check to see if it’s loaded.

The latest installment of the Eternia and MoSS’s RTR series. I have to say being in attendance of the show the footage came from, it’s a little strange to still hear that people think the female emcee or femcees are non existent. When they’re clearly alive and making good music. The line up was crazy with Eternia, Jean Grae, Kallae Allday, Nemiss, True Daley, and it was hosted by MC Lyte.
With the internet being an instrumental in getting stuff out to people these days you may want to do a little digging you seriously would be happy that you did.

Here’s the latest in DJ D-Nice’s True Hip-Hop Stories. This one features Big Daddy Kane and how Ain’t No Half Steppin came about.
Also there’s some footage of the live show Kane recently did at the Bandshell in Prospect Park Brooklyn.

Here’s the latest episode in the RTR series. This go round, Eternia introduces the members of her band and beatbox extraordinaire Chesney Snow (What’s up Chez!). Peep the encore footage with Maya Azucena and guest features from PH (formally known as Pumpkinhead) and Steele from Smif-N-Wessun.

In this episode of the RTR series Eternia spent time with the youth group P.R.Y. (Project Reach Youth) based in Bed-Sty (Bedford-Stuyvesant for the those that don’t know) Brooklyn to help spread the message on safer sex.

New video from Joell Ortiz, off Cookin Soul and mixtape 1:00AM & Rising. Great creative way to bring visuals to a good song. I’m really digging this one. The addicts on Twitter (if you don’t know what this is by now shame on you) should enjoy this one.

Here’s the most recent episode in Eternia’s road to release series this episode features some co-signage from Big Zoo of EO Dub (End of the Weak) fame. Last episode she let us see that long ass line of people waiting to get into the venue in Mexico City. This go round we get to see a bit of the performance those folks got to see.

Also if you’re in the New York area this Friday, you can see Eternia perform live @ Drom (85 Ave A, NYC)
With performances by Tiye Phoenix (who’s also dope btw)
Fresh Geex
Colee Stallone Band
Dub Rock All-Stars
Hosted by Steele (of Smif N Wessun)