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It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop, the nonprofit afterschool program for middle school students based on all elements of hip hop whose mission is to help reduce drop out rates and gang involvement by incorporating leadership development, positive mentorship, intergenerational learning, and community outreach with an outlet and opportunity for students to express and improve upon their interests and talents will be presenting a worthy event for worthy cause.

If you’re in the NYC area during this time be sure to come through, you won’t be disappointed.


All new play presented by Spike Lee, starring Lemon Andersen.
Here’s the brief summary of the play:

Featured earlier this year as part of the Public Theater’s Under The Radar Festival, Lemon Andersen’s County of Kings gives a tough, yet poignant autobiographical account of a good kid growing up in an unforgiving environment. Lemon, whose parents met at a methadone clinic and passed away from AIDS, served two prison sentences before he was 21 and won a Tony before he turned 30. His on-stage memoir touches on young love, the birth of hip hop, slinging crack, ballet, stealing car parts, prison, and poetry as he takes the audience on an astonishing and surprising one-man journey toward self discovery. Weaving hard-edged drama with urban poetry, the Brooklyn born and bred performer tells his coming-of-age story with profound honesty, compassion and humor. A true story of finding passion in the arts and finding one’s way, Lemon paints a vivid portrait of his own life and the lives of countless other Brooklynites during the 1980s and 1990s .

New teaser trailer of the Toy Story 3. I don’t know about you but if you look at the ratio of good animated movies vs. the ones with people in them the animated movies are winning in a landslide.

In the latest episode of the R2R series, Eternia heads out to the Midwest for the B-Girl Be festival. Shoots the breeze with Evidence (Dilated Peoples) and DJ Chela. Check the footage of Chesney’s mom and the rifle. I love how she’s cocking the gun and pulling the trigger to check to see if it’s loaded.

This seems to be a pretty tough year for celebs.
No too long ago we lost Roc Raida and yesterday we lost Mr. Magic. If you aren’t aware of who he was, he played a vital role in the door opening to hip-hop on the radio in the 80’s with his show Rap Attack. It also spawned a couple of projects under the same name.

Our condolences goes out to his family.
RIP Mr. Magic