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What’s going on,
Been a hectic couple of days. Got to invited to speak at the 8th Annual Dynamic Producer’s conference regarding “Thinking Out of the Box”. Got to meet some some cool new people and network.

With that said, here’s a homage, an ode, and appreciation from producers K-Salaam and Beatnik entitled Never Can Say Goodbye. It’s a compilation of remixes to tracks from Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.
A pretty dope project and the fact that it’s free makes it even better!



The latest installment of the Eternia and MoSS’s RTR series. I have to say being in attendance of the show the footage came from, it’s a little strange to still hear that people think the female emcee or femcees are non existent. When they’re clearly alive and making good music. The line up was crazy with Eternia, Jean Grae, Kallae Allday, Nemiss, True Daley, and it was hosted by MC Lyte.
With the internet being an instrumental in getting stuff out to people these days you may want to do a little digging you seriously would be happy that you did.

Again just trying to catch folks up on some of the music I got to check out recently.
This one is courtesy of the good folks at Soulculture paying homage to the anniversary and passing of Aaliyah. I’m partial to the track with Marsha, but check it out for yourself and pick your own favorite.

Today is the launch day for a couple of new Mac products.
Just a quick rundown, they’ve lowered the pricing for just about all of the hand held devices. They’ve expanded the capacity for the iPhone to 32GB. They’ve also expanded the capacity of the iPod touch to 64GB.
They’ve given us a new version of iTunes, with some redesigning features I haven’t quite checked out yet.

But the big news really is the update on the Nano. Now you have the ability to record video and it has a built in FM transmitter, something people BEEN waiting for, which allows you to tag songs on the radio and pause the transmission which is pretty cool.

What’s going on people, I know I’ve been a little behind with the posts. By now we all know about the two heavyweight albums from Raekwon and Jay-Z, leak day, and the pushing up of BP3 to compete with OB4CLII etc. Either way go out and support the albums.

Just to bring you up to speed on things here’s some new material from Camp Lo feat Ski. From my understanding it’s the title track of the upcoming album produced entirely by Ski. Does this mean we’re going to get another Uptown Saturday Night?

Don’t know but I’m digging this one right here.