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Alright I’m not into spreading rumors or anything, but there’s a possibility that Sade will be releasing an album this year. I’ll keep looking into it some more, but if that’s the case I’m going to start my 2009 album fund now.


New video from Maxwell from his upcoming Black Summer’s Night. It’s been a good while since we heard from Maxwell, I’m looking forward to seeing what he has on deck with this new project. Looks like we’re going to be in for a bunch of treats this summer music wise. I just hope that the weather is friendly enough to enjoy everything.


A couple of weeks back we posted the single Big City from DougSimpson.  Today’s the release of his EP Sketches.  The offering has guest vocals from Ironhorse members Euphon, The Sistah, and Triboro member Fresh Aire amongst others with production from the Aqua League. This is just the appetizer as he’s currently working on his full length project scheduled for release later on this year.

Enjoy the treats download after the jump: DougSimpson – Sketches

Here’s another track from Busta feat. Lil Fame of MOP that I spotted over at 2DBZ. Seems like Primo wasn’t the only one diggin’ MOP as this is the second recent offering I’ve heard from a Busta and MOP teaming. I’m not sure if this track will be on Busta’s B.O.M.B. project, but if it is there’s a couple of good candidates for his campaign floating around.


New material from Camp Lo produced by Ski & The Apple Juice Kid. It’s good to hear the Camp Lo working with Ski again. I’m not sure if this on a project or not but it still a good listen though.


New music from KRS-One & Buckshot from their new collaborative album tentatively entitled Conflosation. The project is still in the early stages but they slipped us a treat from the moment.


Just trying to catch up on things been under the weather. Here’s some new material from Busta Rhymes. The first track is featuring Raekwon called Death Wish. The Second track is MOP feat Busta Rhymes called Brooklyn.


Here’s another track from Elzhi produced by Black Milk. Both of these dudes have the indie scene on serious buzz. Rumor has it that this track is to be on Elzhi’s upcoming project entitled The Feed. I’m also waiting for the Elmatic project as well, but in the meantime enjoy the treats.

Shouts to Kevin Nottingham on the original post.


Sling Media developed an app for the iPhone which would allow users to stream video over the 3G and Wi-Fi networks but, At&T put a pause on things because they have concerns of their network supporting the traffic. Sounds like if you *cough* jailbreak *cough* *cough* you dont’ have the that problem. Not saying that I agree but i’m pretty sure there’s a way to get video to stream to iPhone without AT&T’s help.

More after the jump though: SlingPlayer app approval

Alright before I start this one off, I first saw Invincible rocking at Southpaw in Brooklyn last summer. I have never of heard of her beforehand (I know shame on me), but through a good friend that was hosting that night (what’s up E!).  I got to see her rock at her album release along with the Anomolies all female crew and a host of others. Not only was I was impressed but homegirl’s breath control was crazy! I’ve only seen Black Thought of The Roots with that much breathe control.

From my count this is the 3rd video from her Shapeshifters project. So if you’ve never heard of Invincible here’s a somewhat formal introduction. If you’re digging the tunes go out and support