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Here’s the first single from producer/artist and Aqua League member Doug Simpson off the upcoming EP Sketches. The song has been featured on the current season of MTV’s Real World: Brooklyn and comedian Owen Smith’s Anonymous DVD. 

Download Big City 


Nice & Smooth








Pacific Division












The folks over at Smirnoff are at again with their mixtape series. So far they’ve teamed Marsha Ambrosius & Nas to remake If I Ruled The World. The latest remake has Pacific Division (Pac Div) and Nice & Smooth reworking Funky For You.

The next remake will be Kardinal Offishall & Buckshot to remaking I Got Cha Opin. I anxious to hear that one.

In the meantime enjoy Pac Div and Nice & Smooth Funky For You ’09









First Talib Kweli teamed up with Hi-Tek to perform as Reflection Eternal, and now he’s back with The Mighty Mos Def to perform as Black Star for two shows (7pm & 11pm) on May 30th at the The Nokia Theater. With these types of shows going on the Spring/Summer show season is shaping up to be a great one. Tickets are on sale, damn I have to Monday to mine.

We’re a little late on the news with this one, but have made up for it by giving you the recently leaked track from Redman & Method Man feat. UGK. Apparently Red & Meth are at work for the sequel to Blackout and are slated to release the project, I’m going to say this year. I heard various dates plus with rule #4080 you don’t know exactly when,  but it will be this year. Hovering around Spring/Summer. In the meantime enjoy the leak.

Download: Red & Meth feat. UGK – City Lights

A while back, before we started this blog a good friend of mine sent this track to me from a group called Madcon. It’s hard to pinpoint point them exactly but they would be the result of an Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, funky, electro-hip-hop concotion that you thought would never taste good but glad you mixed up because the bevereage is a refreshing treat.

Seems like this song’s has been around for some time being that the group is from Norway, but I’m glad that it’s starting to make it’s way to the States.The vid is little different kind of Bombs of Baghdad meets James Bond, but you don’t mind because the song is so fresh.

I was looking at the NCAA tourney over the weekend and saw this ad for T. Rowe Price.  Which has some pretty cool artwork by JWT New York. Just wanted to share, let us know what you think.















With the video trailer for Words, Mos Def is prepping a summer release for his fourth album The Ecstatic.

The project is scheduled for release on June 9 via Downtown Records which will also be the 10 year anniversary of his solo album Black on Both sides. Hopefully there’s no  rule #4080 in effect and we get the project on time.  Mos also posted two tracks Life In Marvelous Times and Quite Dog Bite Hard from the project on his Myspace page as well.


Check the video trailer after the jump: Mos Def word video trailer












Now I know I’m a bit late with the post on this one mainly because I wanted to listen to the tracks before I said anything about it.
Not that I’m prejudging the music, but of what I thought it was. Knowing that Jeff does parties and such I thought that it was just a playlist of tracks that he enjoyed and wanted to share with folks. Wrong, wrong, wrong so wrong.

In actuality it’s a mixtape and a good one at that, with his faves remixed.
So my bad for getting this up about a week and a half late, check out and enjoy the download link is below.

Download Jazzy Jeff  – My Faves vol. 1

I saw the video for this over at 2 Dope Boyz and had to wait for the link to be up so I can share you guys. But here’s a dope video for a dope song from Tanya Morgan’s DonWill off of his album Don Cusack in Hifidelity coming soon.

Not a bad campaign by the homie Pack FM. I would have to agree about the rapper thing.
Check out the vid to see more for yourself, and you too will know why.