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I didn’t get to post this one yesterday like I intended to, had to run out and make the rounds to see folks.

I was on Wired checking things out, and it looks like the fine folks at Sony have decided to create a TV that’s rain-proof, freeze-proof, and dust proof as well. All for the cost of 20 grand! I guess the didn’t get the memo about the global recession. Either that or they got a little bit of ends from the stimulus package. Either way I don’t see the sensibility in this purchase, maybe it’s just me. I dunno… More after the jump

New Sony TV for 20 Geezzz


Okay so after you go out  buy Sony’s questionable 20 grand  freezable TV and get the only sideways ice grill, you can go out and splurge on a more sensible product. Looks like Sony’s planing on unveiling a hybrid battery which can switch from methanol fuel  cell to the regular lithium-ion powered cell.  Looks like you’ll get longer battery to stay mobile a little longer. More after the jump

Sony’s Hybrid Fuel Cell Battery

So as I’m reading up on what new gadgets are on the way,  I saw this article on Wired about a PowerBook exploding in a London office. What the hell man!!?!? I know there’s been issues with them getting hot as you’re using them, but blowing up!?!?!

I got a bit noided because when I’m not home, I leave my PowerBook on although is in sleep mode. I’m starting to think damn…do I really need to rush home to shut it down and unplug it and all.  I’d be beyond  pissed to come home and find out my laptop was the bomb literally…..

Read more: Exploding  PowerBook

 Word on the street is that Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are hard at work on a new project (yea!).  

Besides that we have a treat for you, not sure if it will be on the album or not, but it’s good to hear them again. Plus there’s a guest appearance from Bootsy Collins. 

ANNNNNNDDD if that’s not enough for you…

They’ll be performing at the Blue Note 10-11 March. Two shows a night at that. 

More after the jump: Reflection Eternal live @ The Blue Note

Internet Connection ft. Bootsy Collins

The Velvet Gentleman project is your soundtrack from 5pm – 9am.
Produced by DougSimpson and Slim of Euphon better known as the Aqua League..hey that’s us!

Okay the shameless plug is over. For more information check out the latest press release for the project. In the meantime here’s the track listing and a link to download the first track off the project as well.

The Velvet Gentleman:
1. 5 To 9
2. The Velvet Gentleman
3. Interlude
4. Lust Hour
5. VIP
6. On The Rocks
7. Miami Nights
8. Playa’s Waltz
9. Theme for Alice
10. FDR North
11. 5 To 9 Reprise
12. The Seduction
13. Camomille
14. Brighter

More about the Velvet Gentleman













Just a update to the post below:

There’s another show on the 19 March if you haven’t gotten you tix for the show on the 5th you might want to check for this one because the show on the 5th is sold out. 

The Roots will performing live at the Highline Ballroom on 5 March. It’s a late show but it will be the first in a series of shows that they’ll be doing. There are special guests to show, don’t quite know who they are at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted though. Just wanted to give the drop to The Roots fans that we know. 

More info after the jump – The Roots live @ Highline Ballroom










Raphael Saadiq will be in town next month on 21 March performing at Irving Plaza. The doors open at 8pm and the show is scheduled to start at 9pm. As far as I know the tickets are now available. I haven’t yet checked his show, but I got insight that it’s well worth the while. It also might not be a place to bring a lady friend…or meet one. Either way you’re going to see a good show. 

More after the jump – Raphael Saadiq Live @ Irving Plaza

I haven’t been to the tributes before but the regular karaoke event these folks put on are pretty fun and you don’t have to be drunk to enjoy them either.

Plus at 5 beans to get in with the opportunity to perform for free, it sounds like a good outing and it’s fully recession proof. 

More after the jump – Tribute to Biggie

What it is?

I was in the blogosphere and I saw a link to this and wanted to share. Granted there were a lot of tributes to Dilla’s passing last week, but this one seemed to be pretty fitting. During a tribute entitled “Suite For Ma Duke” there was a 40-piece orchestra that played Jay Dee’s music for the evening.  


What it is?

Since I got the hang of this WordPress thing I figured to go ahead and put up a real post. I had to deal with the learning curve so I can play within the rules of the provided templates. Which I have decent sized grip about, but that’s something I can go into on another post.

Now that the prelims are out of the way, let me officially welcome you!

We set this up because we figured to set up a central place where folks can come and see what’s going on in relation to music and other lifestyle things. Besides it’s was getting bad hearing “why didn’t you tell me about this”, or I didn’t know that this was going on”.

So be sure to check things out and check back often. We about to go in!