New videos from Reflection Eternal In This World off of their upcoming project Revolutions Per Minute and a super dope track Deep off of Elzhi’s Leftovers mixtape. We’ve received a few treats so far but it looks like this year is going to be full of good music releases.


Here’s a new instrumental project from Jynxx that I saw over at beats n crates. The project has a love theme to it overall a good project to vibe out to, not a bad look from Jynxx. I definitely need to find volume one.


Here’s the first offering off of Ciph Diggy (of Sleepwalkas) upcoming solo project Untitled Wave due out at the end of March.
The cut features Ciph’s partner in rhyme K. Gaines and M-Tri. I’m digging (no pun intended) the newness can’t wait to hear the rest of the project.


Here’s a new mixtape from YC the Cynic entitled You’re Welcome. We posted the first appetizer Superman not too long ago. He comes through with the full course meal. The mixtape features some of the risers in the New York indie scene such as OISD, Warren Britt, and Final Outlaw just to name a few. Obviously hip-hop is not dead and it’s refreshing to see that the future of it is looking promising as well.


Seems like a bunch of folks have been waiting for this one since the single dropped and set the net a buzz.
Although I was looking forward to the new material I admittedly wasn’t digging the first “tester” single. Good thing the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint.

Some new material from Joe and Royce that has the internets abuzz of lately and rightfully so. A lot of rewinds on this one.


Oddisee drops his third installment of his seasoned themes. This go round he has features with the likes of Homeboy Sandman and X.O. from Diamond District. 13 tracks of goodies for the season.


Looks like the suits have their ears to the street or are paying someone to do so. Either way McDonald’s link up with Dollar Van Demos to run a campaign on their dollar menu using New York indie artists Joya Bravo and Wordspit. I haven’t seen the Wordspit commercial yet unless it’s the second that will run. However, the commercial with Joya Bravo has been aired last weekend during the NFL playoffs.

In addition to McDonald’s, Subway teamed up with MTV in doing a piece on Homeboy Sandman in their Fresh Buzz series.
You can check the video for Homeboy Sandman’s segment here.

Shouts to Dollar Van Demos. Congrats to Homeboy Sandman, Wordspit, and Joy Bravo. It seems like the streets are doing more then just watching.

First was the earthquake that shook up Haiti. Our prayers go out the people that lost loved ones and to those that are still trying contact and locate any that are still missing. Besides Wyclef’s Yele Organization there a couple of ways folks can donate or contribute to the aid of the folks there. A good friend of ours, Tasty Keish, has put together a listing of such options you can check those options out on her blogsite

The next that happened during the week was the passing of R&B great Teddy Pendergrass. I know it’s in the shadows of the Haitian earthquake so it hasn’t gotten too much press, but it seems like this list of entertainers we’re loosing has been growing especially in the last year. Our condolences go out to his family RIP Teddy Pendergrass.

We’re pretty cool with the folks over at and I saw this posted a day ago and decided to check this out out of curiosity. A few tracks in and I knew this was something pretty cool. I won’t give all the treats away but if you’re a fan of the Transformers and love hip-hop then this creative instrumental project is a good look for you.

Shouts to and Jett-I-Masstyr who’s out of Texas.